Wizards are a team of minifigures that use magic to fight. They are led by the Wizard Merlinbrick. They are wise though not as wise as the Senseis of The Land of the Great Dragon. Their main weapon is a wand though some carry other magic items.


Sam Spell-Apprentice
Wanda Wand-Vendor, Magic Novice
more coming soon


Rank 1 Wizard Hat 1
Rank 1 Wizard Torso
Rank 1 Wizard Pants
Rank 1 Wizard Right Hand Wand
Rank 1 Wizard Left Hand Wand
more coming soon
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  • They are somewhat based off of LEGO's classic wizards.


  • BlueJay11 came up with the Idea. Jw1 made LeoCad concept art. NPCs by BlueJay11.


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