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  • The-buster-ZX

    Every week,a member will get the award Member Of the week,but follow these steps to get the award. You just need to edit pages as much as you can (do NOT edit a page over and over for one hour just to get the award) and you also need to be active. maybe Next week,a members will be picked to be Member of the week. Better get started. :)

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  • The-buster-ZX

    Battle stations

    March 19, 2013 by The-buster-ZX

    As I suspected,this wiki has recently got spammed by a unknown wikia non-signed in wikia member. To you guys,this is insane how it got spammed. To me,it seems like a regular spam to me,because I'm on a wiki that gets spammed a lot.  This spam may be the first of many to come so we need to protect our,articles,blog post and tons of other stuff. If you guys need any help stoping these spammers,I know how to get rid of them with ease.

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