Hello everyone! In the past, applications and submissions have lacked organization, but have no fear! With our new forum and ideas wiki, we hope to make the new system both user-friendly and more coordinated.


From now on, if you want to apply for a position on the project, you will need to visit the forums. This is better than using wikia for a variety of reasons. The extra effort required to submit an application on the forums, which requires signing up and writing a paragraph-long application, will ensure no split-moment decisions, and will mean that only users showing some dedication will be able to apply. Of course, if you are unable to sign up for forumotion for a good reason, talk with us, and we'll be able to work an alternative out. :-)

The forums will also be used for script and serial submissions for a similar reason. In the past, it was easy for users to randomly make pages related to the storyline, pages that either conflicted with current storyline concepts or had very little substance in general. Now, submitting storylines on the forum takes the extra effort required to prevent random wikia visitors from creating submissions, and the instructions for script submissions are displayed in a much more noticeable and concise manner.

The one disadvantage with the forums is that uploading images there is a hassle, and that is where the ideas wiki comes in. The ideas wiki will be used for the submission of concept art, textures, and LDD screenshots. Accepted concept art and textures will be used immediately and approved LDD models will get submitted to the dropbox, preferably in .3ds form. This wiki will be different than the current one, however. There is a separate namespace for each type of submission, and the main page has been made in a way to make the submission process clear and easy to follow. Just be sure to use the main page createboxes to create your pages, though, so that they end up in the appropriate namespaces. ;-) There are also a bunch of templates and categories designed to showcase past accepted and denied submissions.

Anyway, thanks for reading! I hope that we will see you all active at these two new sites! :D