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Bureaucrat The first legendary cyborg army destroyer
  • I live in Canada and Equestria.
  • My occupation is The scholar.
  • BlueJay11

    Lately I have been writing a lot of stuff and I took some time to write a long storyline that might possibly be added to the merge. I also am informing you that I will be writing more plots, backstories and storylinesand I will post them on a series of blogs hence the title: Storyline blog 1. Anyways here is some of the stuff I have written:

    It was the year 402. of the 23rd Era on the planet of Acrea; the main planet inhabited by the dominate minifigure races. At this time, Acrea was mostly dominated by farmers and peaceful people who had not fought in a millennium and modern technology had not been invented yet. It was pretty simple in this life of farming in these lands and land of peace and prosperity. It would have been a good, yet sim…

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  • BlueJay11

    Well, most of you have heard about this merge between LtUA, BoP and LG And I know some of you are excited because of it and some are disappointed 'And I am making this blog to state my opinion on this whole heck of a merge

    Truth is I don't mind merging but this merge is going to be like all the previous merges. I am not trying to be cruel to you people who thought you could merge 3 or more projects into 1 ultimate one, but this WILL LIKELY NOT WORK. With my great leadership (NOT, I am being sarcastic -_- ) me cannot succeed in making 1 game let alone 1 large merged one. I lack skill (except the fact that I can write, produce, direct the project (some of you think I am very bad at this and truth is I am in some cases), do some crummy sketches, …

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  • BlueJay11

    Well everyone I have finally got our Weebly site up: Note: All team members please post your email below in the comment section so you can edit your page on the site. P.S. Only edit your page, you cannot edit any of the other pages without my full permission.

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  • BlueJay11

    Well the wait is over now we start to make this game. I am assigning each member of the team a different job so we can possibly get this game going.

    • Me-I will be working on various concept art for the level as well as designing some models in LeoCad for the level. I will also be trying to make some terrain in Unity for us to use. I am also writing various storyboards as well.
    • BFN-BFN I would like you to rig and model these things: The Player, The NPC and the Enemies (Cyborgs). You can try animation if you like. You could also try making terrain objects in Blender as well.
    • BobaFett2-BobaFett you will work on the textures for the player, the enemies and the NPC. If you want you can help us with some of the animations. You could also draw some co…
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  • BlueJay11

    My Concept art....

    May 14, 2013 by BlueJay11

    Okay, I may have not been doing much modeling but the amount of concept art I have been doing more than makes up for it.

    • 2 Concepts of a Tyrantula
    • A whole page full of Ninja Concept Art
    • A dozen pages of NPC concept art
    • Concept of a place on Excalabrick
    • Concepts of a small Robot
    • Maps for The Training Academy, Peace Groves, and Party Plaza worlds.
    • The Ninjas Logo
    • A basic concept of Moonbrick
    • Some concepts of rare and powerful weaponry
    • Concept of a Cyborg's texture
    • A concept of a Peace Groves enemy.
    • Concept of an Excalabrick model
    • Concepts for the in game chatbox, Health bar, Armour bar, Backpack, etc
    • Concept of a Giant Crab enemy
    • Concept of a Ninja Shrimp (idk why I drew it) and a burglar

    • A  Lighting Squad Jet
    • Other Lightning Squad vehicles
    • Possible Scorpion …

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