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• 6/27/2013

Special statement

Guys I got some bad news and this is me buster but something happened.  As you may know I work on others wiki and I work on a wiki called the need for madness wiki and I work there there with my friend ToaZahrok, however, there are other admins there but one has been really ticking me off lately. his user name is OwnageElite also known as wolf, he has done tons of rude things to me like turning everyone against me and messing with my user page but this time has gone fair enough. Do you know what he did to me this time? This time he reported my account to wiki with no reason and now my account is GLOBAL BLOCKED for any wiki I go to including this wiki which means I can't use my account at this time. I messaged the wikia staffs about this and I hope they will unban me. And when I'm unbanned, wolf is history.
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• 6/21/2013

Getting Ready for the Move

Hey everyone. Over the course of whatever free time I have today, I am going to begin the "shutting down" of this wiki as we move to Chat, blogs, and message walls will still be intact, though we encourage everyone to start using LG's wikis. Thanks. :-)
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• 6/17/2013

New Developments in the Upcoming Week

Hey everyone. The voting results are up, but I'll be inactive the next five days. As such, please refer regularly to the LG wiki for new developments decided on by Boba and Matt during this time. If you have any questions, please ask them or BlueJay. Thanks. :-)
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• 6/6/2013

Tis the season to merge projects: La, La, La, Luh, Lu, Lu, Lu, Lu.

Well we have decided to merge with LG and BoP for more info read this blog:
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• 5/17/2013

What the heck is going on here?!

I leave this wiki for a few days,then when I return,I see most of the codes I entered on this wiki is breaking. What the heck happened?!
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• 5/5/2013

Member of the week

Sorry that this post is so late. I recently noticed that I am member of the week due to my major wiki developing and my help to this game. I didn't expect to get this award untill I saw that I did. I really just wanted to help this wiki grow and become a success so people could feel welcome here. And I we're that. I would mostly like to say thanks to BrickfilmNut for helping me every step of the way by giving me ideas,fixing the templates and tons more. I would really like to say thanks everybody for making me feel welcome here,unlike some wiki I know (*Cough*cough*The need for madness wiki *cough* cough*). So thanks everyone and I look forward in the future when the game opens!! :)
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• 5/4/2013

Ideas Wiki

While the forumotion forum will be used for applications and storyline submissions, we now have a user-friendly ideas wiki to be used for submitting LDD model screenshots, textures, and concept art. Be sure to use the buttons on the main page when creating pages displaying your work, though. This way, they will end up in the correct namespace. ;-)
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• 5/2/2013

New Forum for Applications and Submissions

We now have a new forum for the submissions and applications. Please give us your feedback. If a forum does not work out well for you guys, we may end up making a separate wiki or namespace instead.
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• 5/1/2013


Guys,I'm sorry that lately I haven't replyed back to the messages on my wall. I've kinda been busy but I think I may take the day off because it's my birthday. I can still chat with you guys but I won't really modify the wiki that much.
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• 5/1/2013

The Name

Are we LEGO: Ultimate Adventures or LEGO: The Ultimate Adventure?
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• 4/26/2013
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• 4/24/2013


Today I am working on a FULL ORGANIZATION BLOG to organize the havoc going on here and to show people what they have to do. So I may be half in active while writing this plus I am working on Blender. Thanks :) BlueJay11 (talk) 15:50, April 24, 2013 (UTC)
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• 4/23/2013

New Plans

Hello all team members. Recently, we've been forced to find ways to combat inactivity as well as organize and refine the way we acyoucept work. The result is described in User blog:BrickfilmNut/A New Direction. I highly recommend you read it. Basically, we will be using a forum for the acceptance of ideas, and we are trying to work with inactive users to plan their role on the project. Please be sure to take note of this. Thanks.
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• 4/23/2013

Problem with Stub Template

Hey guys just wanted to tell you that when you add the Stub template the Join the Chat, Recent Wiki activity and New Photos on this wiki go to the far bottom of the page so plz don't add that template and if you do plz fix the page quickly than remove it, thanks :) `BlueJay11 (talk) 22:56, April 11, 2013 (UTC)
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• 4/11/2013


I highly recommend reading this blog. We really need this merger to happen, and some of the ideas in this blog will be needed to get it. Also, if you have an additional idea on what we should do to make us worth merging with, please say so in a reply to the blog! Thank you.
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• 4/10/2013

"Clothed" Cyborgs

Why are the cyborgs clothed in pirate, ninja, etc. gear? I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but there should be an in-universe explantion for it.
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• 4/7/2013

Brand new youtube channel

Soon,we we'll have a youtube channel to help out with the media. I will host it but I need a partner to host the channel so one of you guys can request to be a part of it. I really hope this helps out the videos. The only problem is,I can't make it right now. I'll have to wait untill my birthday and that's in one month. May 1st.
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• 4/7/2013

Weekly NPC voting round up

Every week,we we'll have a NPC voting poll which allows the person to pick there favorite NPC. You have two choices. Example:Hi vs Oliver footlong. Then we will say the winner. If it's a tie,we will have to do a tie breaker.
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• 4/9/2013

Chat box meeting

We need to have a chat box meeting because most of the team is not on here and we need to regroup and getting ready to make this game.
We should have it this friday.

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• 4/23/2013


Recently, Allen, Boba, and Mvp have been pointing out the many similarities between some aspects of LEGO World and LU. In order to organize and simplify these points, I have created a new template that can be placed on all pages with such similarities. Adding the template to such pages does not take much effort, and I would highly encourage everyone who views a page with similarities to LU to add this template. We have about 145 pages, too many for just a couple of users to sift through, and this would really help in our effort to distance ourselves from LU and avoid any related problems in the future. Thanks. :)
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